For more than 100 years the name SIROCCO has stood for industrial air technology. Founded in 1888 the machine trader William Beney together with Robert Child established the company "White, Child and Beney". This began with premises in Vienna with machinery for the textile industry from Twedles and Smalley. New markets were then conquered further afield.

In 1903 a co-operation was formed with the ventilation company Davidson in Belfast and the sales of axial and radial fans on the central European market were being build up.
The company grew fast and was very successful. In 1909 a new extended contract was struck with Davidson who under licence produced ventilation and industrial machinery. This contract build the basis for a new production site in Vienna. One year later the enterprise was turned into a limited company and invested in 3000 mē premises.

Now with their own production site a basis for further expansion was realised. Not only was investment made in building up the export business but also in research and development of new products for paper, cement and the metalwork industries. A great number of patents from that era are still a reminder today of the creativity and business sense of the SIROCCO engineers.

Due to the expansion and the change of the property structure, SIROCCO ceased the production of textile machinery at the beginning of the 20th century and began to concentrate on fans and heat exchangers and also began to develop new products such as filter systems, cyclones and controlling units.

In the early 80s new market opportunities led SIROCCO to the development of products for ventilation in street tunnels. About this time the first SIROCCO tunnel dampers were installed.

SIROCCO has been able to put itself forward as one of the leading European producers of industrial ventilation and tunnel equipment. In 2001 further investment led to modern production premises in Poland.
From the very beginning the Polish site concentrated on the production of high quality stainless steel parts. The highest product quality, flexibility and the meeting of deadlines were at the forefront.

Even today the name SIROCCO, like it did over 100 years ago, stand for success, high product quality and innovation and unparalleled customer service.

Sirocco Fan (1925)

Workshop Vienna (1965)

Filter (1970)

Workshop Vienna (1970)

Workshop Poland (2002)